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  1. Today/History Tabs: Process running today or have run in the past.
  2. Export History: Download historical data to an Excel file
  3. Auto-Refresh: Set to “On” the page will auto update once every five minutes. If this is changed to “Off”, the page will not auto update 
  4. Refresh button: Manually refresh grid data
  5. Date Range: Pick your date range for historical data
  6. Show entries: Number of records to display
  7. Search: Searches through all columns on the grid
  8. Data Grid
    1. Process Name: Name of the EMUE script 
    2. Status: Describes the current state of a script
    3. System Name: Name of machine or session where script is running
    4. Information: Hover to view input file, process monitor and process writer
    5. Script Settings: View/Modify script settings
    6. Expected Start: If the script is scheduled (through the Windows Scheduler, Dashboard Scheduler or with a manually defined schedule) it will have an expected start time
    7. Actual Start: The time the script began to execute
    8. Completion: The time that the script completed
    9. Processed Records: If the script is reading from an input file or a list, then this will record the number of records that have been processed
    10. Exceptions: Value of &ExceptionCount built-in variable in EMUE
    11. Actions: Actions that can be performed on this script (Start, Stop, Resolve)