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  1. Show entries: Number of records to display
  2. Paging buttons: To view data that does not fit on one page
  3. Create New Task: Opens window to create a new task
  4. Refresh button: Manually refresh grid data
  5. Export to Excel: Export grid data to Excel workbook
  6. Search: Searches through all columns on the grid
  7. Auto Refresh: 
  8. Data Grid
    1. Select Box: Used to select multiple tasks for editing/deleting from Actions button
    2. Task Name: Describes the current state of a script
    3. Status: Describes the current state of the task
    4. Host: Name of the machine or session where the task is scheduled
    5. Information: Task creator
    6. Edit Task: Brings up the edit dialog to change a task configuration
    7. Last Run: The last time a task started
    8. Next Run: The next time a task starts
    9. Trigger: Set of criteria, when met, begins the execution of a task
    10. Actions: Actions that can be performed on a task (Start, Stop, Enable, Disable, Delete)