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Scheduling your scripts
Some users do not have the basic ability to schedule tasks. The Dashboard will allow users to schedule EMUE scripts even if they don’t have access to create a task in the Windows Task Scheduler.

Easier to Manage Schedules
Scheduling your scripts on the Dashboard allows users to go to one place to manage schedules for all scripts on all machines or sessions. You can quickly update tasks or move tasks from one machine or session to another without having to login to each machine or session. Users can make changes to multiple tasks in bulk.

Script Control
Users that take advantage of scheduling on the Dashboard can start and terminate scripts directly from the Dashboard. The new functionality allows users to start or stop another instance of a script from the System, Script and Task views. Quick and simple control from the Dashboard saves users time so they don’t have to remote into a machine or session.

Our scheduling service enhances our script notifications. Now, if a script misses it start time, a notification will be sent that it did not start. There is also an option to notify if a script runs longer than a certain amount of time. These features ensure that users are aware of any issues related to critical scripts that never started and scripts that may be stuck.

Prevent Script Interference
Sometimes users need to make sure that a script runs by itself and does not overlap with another script. The Dashboard allows users to specify whether a task can be run with other tasks. If one task is running with this enabled a second script on the same machine or session will not kickoff. This is important for Soarian customer to ensure there is no interference from another script.

Easy Migration from Windows
The Dashboard is designed to allow simple and easy migration from the Windows Task Scheduler. EMUE will transmit your schedules in the click of a button. Once your machine or session is scheduling enabled, your tasks will appear on the Dashboard Task View.

New User Role
Developer role can schedule tasks. User can start/terminate a script.

Export Task List
Easily export your tasks to Excel for quick review.