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If you have scheduled tasks on the Windows Task Scheduler, we have a process in place to make the transition to the Dashboard Task Scheduler a smooth one.

Enable Scheduling

Go to Manage Dashboards, select your system and click the Enable Scheduling button.

Application to Run

Tasks that are imported from the Windows scheduler will have an Incomplete status. They are missing required information for the Dashboard scheduler.

Go to Task View, assign an application to run for each task. You can do this for an individual task or you can select multiple tasks to update together.

Individual Tasks:

Expand task row and click the Edit button.

Select an option from the Application to Run drop down list. Click the OK button to save the changes.

Multiple Tasks:

Select desired tasks that you want to update using the checkboxes.

Select Change the Execution Application and click Execute.

Select the new Application to Run from the drop down and click OK.