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Once a script has been identified as being in an error state, several things will change in the Dashboard.

  • The status icon will change to a red circle with an exclamation point
  • The status word will change to "Error"
  • The row will turn red

Once an error is spotted, follow the steps below to resolve the error:

  1. Review the script’s logs (if applicable) to see if adjustments need to be made to the script or process. Reviewing the logs first may prevent the user from having to access the session host or server in order to resolve the issue
  2. If necessary, review the EMUE script on its machine or session to correct the error

  3. Return to the Dashboard and click on script showing an error status

  4. Click on the checkbox next to the error status under Script Actions

  5. Click the “Mark All Errors As Resolved” button to clear the row color and change the status to “Error (Resolved)”

By completing these actions, you can keep track of errors which have been resolved and those which are still outstanding

Before Error Resolved

After Error Resolved