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In certain circumstances, EMUE will not be able to pick up an input file. While there may be many reasons for this, some of the most common fixes are listed below.


Try the following actions to ensure that the input file is available to EMUE

StepWhy it's important

Verify that the file is closed and is not locked by another process

Other programs may place a lock on the file to enable editing. Since EMUE requires read/write access when opening a file, this prevents EMUE from opening the file as input.
Verify that the file is located in the directory to which the command "SetStartUp InputFile ..." is pointing

Often times developers will move a script from one location to another. This results in broken pathway references in the EMUE script and could cause EMUE to look for an input file that no longer exists

Verify that the file pathway is formatted correctly:

  • Double backslashes for network pathways (ex. \\MyNetworkDrive)
  • Single backslashes for folder pathways (ex. C:\MyFolder\MySubFolder)
  • A file name or wild cards at the end (ex. C:\EMUE\MyProcess\InputFiles\FileName.xlsx, or C:\EMUE\MyProcess\InputFiles\*.*)
  • Double quote marks around the pathway (ex. "C:\EMUE\MyProcess\InputFiles\*.*")
Correct formatting is very important as EMUE cannot interpret meaning from poorly formatted information.