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The Dashboard Task Launcher is an application that runs on the local machine or session. It's purpose is to check in with the Dashboard for any tasks in needs to start. It also maintains a list of applications that are allowed to run under a machine or session. The Dashboard Task Launcher can run under multiple user sessions on the same machine.

Users may add, edit or delete an application from this list. The list of applications in the Dashboard Task Launcher populate the "Application to Run" drop down list when creating or editing a task on the Dashboard.

A list of allowed users can be defined to prevent the application from running under certain accounts. If a user logs in that isn't on the list a message will appear to notify the user.

Lost Communication

If the DTL is unable to check in with the Dashboard after 5 minutes, all admin users of the Dashboard will receive a notification that communication has been lost. Once communication has been restored, a secondary email will be send to all admin users of the Dashboard that communication has been restored.