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Creating a CSV file with EMUE is as easy as two lines of code.

In order to build a CSV output file you will need the following two lines:

In your SetStartUps:
SetStartUp LogFile “Place\Your\Log\Path\here.csv

In your Script:
LogLine VarName1 “,” VarName2 “,” VarName3 “,” VarName4 “,” VarNameX

To write each line of the CSV file, make sure to include the LogLine command in your main loop.

By including this line, EMUE will write a line of text specifying your variables with a comma separating each variable value.

You can also replace the comma with any other delimiting character (e.g. “;”, “:”, “/”, etc.).

The output of your log will be something like this:


If you want to add headers to your file, simply add an additional LogLine command like the one below before your main loop:

LogLine “EncNo,LastName,FirstName,MiddleInitial,ProcedureType”

This will add the headers to your output file so that it looks like the output below:

EncNo,LastName,FirstName,MiddleInitial,ProcedureType 001234567,Jones,James,M,IP 002345678,Smith,John,A,OP

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